Thick jumpers & leather

Whenever it gets really cold a lot of people say "I'd rather be warm then try and keep up with fashion" I say why can't you still look good and stay warm at the same time. 
Your personal style can still be just as pleasing to the eye during winter all depending on how you decide to layer up (or down) 
So the other day I dashed out my super thick turtle neck (whilst still wearing a tshirt underneath so I wouldn't catch a cold) and acceossrized the hell out of it because let's face it a thick grey turtle neck probably wouldn't look too cute on it's own. 

Bag : forever21 
Jumper: h&m
Accesories: asos/f21
Leather jacket : miss selfridge 

What are your thoughts on style during winter? 

Drey xx


  1. I'm so guilty of the 'warmth over style' comment but I love your accessories, especially the bag!

  2. Love your looks and work so much, I've blogged about it !!

    Hope its ok with you !
    Thanks !!

  3. love your jacket and the outfit looks amazing ♥